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English courses tailor made for all needs online or face to face   

Free English lessons covering a wide variety of subjects and topics to help enrich your vocabulary and English skills. Please subscribe for updates to find out when a new free lesson is ready for you to try.

Do you enjoy learning English? do you love going on holiday and travelling? would you like to visit London and have your own personal English teacher and tour guide to show you the best of London whilst improving your English at the same time? Now you can.

If it's new friends you want to make or just practice talking with a native English speaker I can help you talk about the things that interest you the most.

Whether you work for a small corporation or a Large fortune 500 company, I have the experience of teaching business English to CEO's and businessmen to some of the biggest companies around.


Improving your general English can be hard work at times, maybe you want to improve your pronunciation, learn new vocabulary or understand more complicated grammar, whatever the reason I can help motivate you to take your English language skills to the next level.

I have taught English to people all over the world to all ages, jobs and nationalities. So if you need help practicing your English about something specific, perhaps a speech you have tommorrow, a round of golf with a potential business partner booked or need to teach a ski lesson to some English speaking clients, contact me to discuss what exactly it is you need help with so I can design an English course just for you.

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