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Collocations With Pay.

There are many collocations in the English language to learn, however don't despair as I will try my best to teach you the most commonly used phrases that native speakers use on a daily basis in spoken English.

Today we will focus on the collocations you can make with the word pay with some example sentences to help you understand them better.

1.Pay someone back.

Meaning: When you have borrowed something from someone (usually money) and you promise that you will give them the same amount back at a future date.

For e.g. Tom do you mind if I borrow $20 from you please? I promise I'll pay you back tomorrow.

For e.g. Hi Jane I really need that money you borrowed from me last week, when will you be able to pay me back?

Collocations with the word pay

2. Pay well.

Meaning: When the company or organisation you work for pays you a good salary at the end of the month.

For e.g. I love my new job, not only is it very interesting but they pay very well also. So far so good.

For e.g. How did the job interview go? It went very well until I asked them if they pay well or not.

3. Pay the bill.

Meaning: The amount of money you have to pay when you're at a restaurant, bar, disco, cafe, or place of leisure after you have eaten, drank, or used a service.

For e.g. Who's turn is it to pay the bill this time?

For e.g. I paid the bill last time so I think it should be your turn this time round.

4. Pay the price.

Meaning: To suffer the consequences for doing something or risking something, or to experience the bad result of having done something wrong.

For e.g. If you don't stop smoking soon you'll pay the price when you'll be older.

For e.g. I paid the price this morning after having gone to bed at 6am.

5. Pay a visit.

Meaning: To go somewhere to spend time with someone, such as a relative or friend.

For e.g. I promise I'll pay you a visit tomorrow after work.

For e.g. You never guessed who payed me a visit yesterday? I was so happy.

6. Pay attention.

Meaning: To take notice of something or someone.

For e.g. He was so charismatic it wasn't difficult to pay attention.

For e.g. It's difficult to pay attention in class sometimes because the lesson is so boring.

7. Pay a compliment.

Meaning: Express commendation or praise to someone.

For e.g. Sam wanted to pay her friend a compliment to make her feel good about herself so she said that she looked amazing in her new dress.

For e.g. I love it when people pay me compliments, it always makes me feel great.

What other collocation with the word pay do you know? Try and write some sample sentences yourself in the comments down below to practice, and don't forget to pay this blog a visit on a regular basis for more free online english tips to help improve your english language skills.

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